Definition of a Paradigm Shift:

An important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.
Paradigm Hydraulics 5 Phase Rental Test Trailer
Paradigm Hydraulics 5 Phase Rental Test Trailer. Hydraulic artificial lit projects ar our specialty!

In 2013, Paradigm Hydraulics was formed with the goal of changing the slow, bureaucratic way business was done in the oilfield. They envisioned a new and different way of getting products and services out to clients. And doing so, on time and within budget. They accomplished this by providing fast, professional, and reliable hydraulic artificial lift service.

This new paradigm shift took off. And Paradigm quickly became the go-to hydraulic artificial lift systems expert in Central California.

Since opening that first location in Bakersfield, CA, Paradigm expanded to a second location in Midland, Texas in 2019.

The doors opened mere months before the Covid quarantine. But Paradigm quickly made a name for themselves as HAL experts in the Permian Basin too.

With that rapid success, it was a logical next step to expand into the Rockies.  Two new locations opened in 2021 in Gillette, WY and Williston, ND. These new shops have allowed Paradigm to provide service throughout the Western United States.

A Paradigm Hydraulics artificial lift 5 phase trailer

Mission Statement:

To expand the use of Hydraulic Artificial Lift in the oil industry by being the most knowledgeable experts in the field.

Vision Statement:

To offer a new and different way of  providing Hydraulic Artificial Lift Systems through innovation, education and lasting relationships with our customers across the oil industry.